Steph’s Music Projects

I’m one of the luckiest musicians you’ll ever meet. I get to make lots of music with incredibly talented people, who over time have become some of my dearest friends. It is with tremendous pride that I get to say I’m involved in these following musical collaborations.

The Troubadours of Divine Bliss
I’ve been playing violin with the Troubadours since 1999. This group based in Louisville, Kentucky is made up of guitarist and vocalist Aim Me Smiley and accordionist and vocalist Renee Ananda. Not only are these women amazing musicians and talented songwriters, they’re two of the nicest people on this earth. When they’re not busy making breathtakingly gorgeous music, they’re out doing their best to save the world. Read more about Mighty Kindness the award-winning community movement they founded.

Jenrose Fitzgerald
Jenrose is a guitarist, singer-songwriter based near Louisville, Kentucky. Her gorgeous voice and insightful poetic lyrics made me fall in love with her music. Her wit, intelligence, and kindness made me fall in love with her as my friend. Jenrose is a prolific writer who knows how to tell beautiful stories through music.

The Oh! Sullivans
I get my traditional Irish music fix by playing with Kathy, Peggy and Teri – three sisters who make singing harmony seem as easy as taking a breath. Kathy plays guitar and bodhran, and has written several gorgeous songs that we all perform together. Peggy has been known to rock out on tin whistle and Teri plays various percussion instruments and pretty much keeps us all in line. And last but certainly not least, our percussionist Mike rounds out the group.

3 thoughts on “Steph’s Music Projects

  1. Jenrose says:

    You rock my world.

  2. Steph, you are an extraordinary violinist who knows how to add just what the song begs for and you break the heart of the violin open when you play then you set it on fire and let it dance on bar room tables until dawn! It is truly an honor to make music with you and our songs give you great gratitude for taking them to the next level of texture and wholeness. You are such absolute bliss to be around and everyone falls in love you when we are on tour:) We hold you so close to our hearts, you are our family, our best friend and a true inspiration. Thank you for making us laugh, raising the intellect of our band, being a faithful friend to the furries, letting us make music with you and sending out your song to soothe the hearts of so many. We love you.

  3. Jenrose says:

    Aim Me said it best đŸ˜‰ It truly is an honor to play music with you, and a joy to know you. You are my favorite person to make music with, which is saying a lot… thank you for giving me that opportunity.

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