Oh Canada!

It looks like I’ll get to play some gigs in Canada with The Troubadours of Divine Bliss next year. I’ve been wishing for this for awhile! Toronto is my favorite city to visit, and The Troubs have never been there. I can’t wait to explore that city and hopefully many others with them.

One place that’s been on my wish list for a bazillion years is Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. And the reason I’ve wanted to go there for so long is because of the Cape Breton fiddle style. There is a 78% chance I would explode into a cloud of glitter if I got to go there and hear their amazing music style, and join in a session or two.

Here’s a performance by one of the world’s most famous Cape Breton fiddlers, Natalie MacMaster.

One thought on “Oh Canada!

  1. Liz says:

    whaddaya know,eh? my old stompin’ grounds! that is awesome news! will you go to Guelph or London? they are about 2 hours from the home of the Jays. i still have friends there whom i will insist come support you guys! and my favourite cousin and his girlfriend just moved to Halifax area! 🙂

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