Stuff I Dig

I plan on sharing a lot of music that has inspired or influenced me as a violinist. Here are three pieces from totally different genres that come to mind right off the bat. Feel free to comment with a link to something you love.

Bach is pretty much my god. I think this performance by Nathan Milstein is lovely. And there’s something classy and film noirish about it. I especially dig the way he just sort of looks away and sits down at the end. I would love to know what he was thinking right then.

And now for something completely different. I’ve been playing this tune for years, but never with the level of awesomeness found in this 1927 recording. Listen for the pizzicato part at the 44 second mark. That’s total hen clucking at its best.

Laurie Anderson is a brilliant artist who’s been one of my inspirations since the early ’80s. I love this simple little hypnotic tune and have spent many hours improvising along to it.